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General Practitioners

Licenced Specialists

The Bahamas Medical Council (BMC)

The Medical Act 2014

The Medical Act 2014 and the Regulations connected therewith, established the Continuance of The Bahamas Medical Council, a General Medical Register and established a Specialist Register.

The Bahamas Medical Council (BMC)

Is a body corporate that:


  1. Registers and license persons who satisfy the requirements under the Medical Act 2014.

  2. Regulate the standard of Medical Practice.

  3. Prescribe codes of ethics and conduct for the guidance of Medical Practitioners.

  4. Have such powers that are necessary to perform all of its functions under the Act.

General Medical Register

A person is qualified to be registered and licensed to practice Medicine and Surgery as a General Medical Practitioner and whose name would appear on the General Medical Register if:


  1. He holds a Medical Degree, Certificate or other form of qualifications granted by a University, College or other Institute of learning recognized by the Council. 

  2. Satisfy the Council that: 

  • He has successfully completed the required period of internship in a hospital or medical institutions approved by the Council. 

  • He has completed two years of supervised rotational medical practice or has special training, experience and qualifications approved by the Council. 

  • He can read, write speak and understand the English Language. 

  • He is a fit and proper person to practice medicine in The Bahamas.

Specialist Register

  1. A Medical Practitioner shall be eligible to be registered and licensed as a Specialist in the Specialist Register, where the Medical Practitioner satisfies the Council that he has completed the required tuition and training in a specialty and has obtained the relevant qualifications from an institution or body recognized by the Council and relating to a specialty specified in the Third Schedule.

  2. A Medical Practitioner who is not registered as a Specialist and who:

  • Engages in the practice of Medicine as a Specialist or

  • Represents that he is entitled to engage in the practice of Medicine as a Specialist shall be guilty of Professional Misconduct.


For further information please refer to The Medical Act 2014, The Medical Regulations 2014 both of which are available on the Council’s Website at


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