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The Bahamas Medical Council approved 20 accredited CME’s for renewal of licences effective beginning 2017.
Specialists are required to have 10 of those credits in their specialty.

CME credits accepted by the Bahamas Medical Council includes:

BMC/ACCME credits, CME credits from accrediting authorities in the UK and the Caribbean and State Medical Specialty Boards that are ACCME accredited.

List of Accredited CME Providers Offering Internet Enduring Materials:

Bahamas Medical Council CME Accreditation Website for CME providers.

The Bahamas Medical Council is currently accepting CME activity applications from eligible entities.

The Bahamas Medical Council (BMC) CME Activity Accreditation process begins with the submission of a complete application from the organization that is responsible for the educational activity.  The accreditation process is an opportunity for the applicant to demonstrate that its CME activity is in compliance with the BMC’s requirements.  To view a video about the application process as well as BMC requirements for CME , please click here.

To be considered for CME activity accreditation by the BMC you must submit a completed application form and payment at least 45 days before the scheduled activity date.  The application and all attachments must be submitted electronically to:

Ms. Gregoryia Knowles 

Council Administrator

Bahamas Medical Council


Fees: the fee for activity review is $100.00 per credit.  Activity review will not commence until payment is received. 

Payments must be sent to:


Ms. Gregoryia Knowles 

Council Administrator

Bahamas Medical Council

37 Collins Ave

P.O. Box N- 9802

Nassau, The Bahamas



The BMC will not accept applications from BMC-defined commercial interests.

Once all required information has been received, the accreditation process will begin.

BMC CME Application View

A separate application is required for each activity being submitted for accreditation.


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