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The Role of the Bahamas Medical Council (BMC)

The Bahamas Medical Council registers and licence physicians to practice medicine in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and ensures that the highest standards of professional conduct in medical practice are maintained thus protecting the public.

We have four main functions:

  • Maintain a current register of qualified physicians

  • Licence physicians to practice medicine in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas

  • Monitor and enforce the standards of professional conduct and the practice of medicine

  • Promote and prescribe continuing medical education and training

What is The Council?

The Bahamas Medical Council, (“the Council”), is a body corporate registered under the provisions of the Medical Act, 1974, and was established on September 30, 1974.


The Council is responsible for the registration and licencing of physicians to practice in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Registered Office Address: 

#37 Collins Avenue
P.O. Box N-9802
Nassau, Bahamas

Our Legal Status

The Bahamas Medical Council (BMC) was established under the Medical Act, 2014. Over time, legislation has been introduced that defines our powers and responsibilities in the various areas of our work.

Our governing body, the Council has seven (7) members and is comprised of a Chairman, the Registrar and the Office Administration Staff.


We Protect The Public

We are the independent regulator for physicians in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.


We set the entry standards to the medical register and the standards for the postgraduate education and training. We determine the principles and values that underpin good medical practice and take action when those standards are not met.


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