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BMC Policies

• Early in 2015 the Bahamas Medical Council adopted policy to issue renewal licences for two years. This gave physicians a new option.

• The Council in recognition of a number of physicians who are not practicing but wish to remain on the medical register with their names published in the Gazette formulated a policy to address this matter. “Retired physicians who have made significant contribution to the growth and development of Medicine in The Bahamas and who are not engaged in active practice will not be required to pay for registration and renewal of licences and whose names will be published annually”

• The Council adopted the policy of the American Telemedicine Association for Telemedicine. Requiring all applicants for registration and licencing in Telemedicine to comply with the same credentials and standards.

• The Council adopted and published a standard for specialist registration in Dermatology.

• In response to many physicians applying for independent Medical Practice, the Council passed a resolution to require successful completion of the USLME 1,2,3 or equivalent

• Physicians who are out of practice for two years are required to take the relevant physician’s reentry course with successful completion of the required examination.

• Physicians who are in General Practice and whose competency is in question will be required to take the Special Purpose Examination (SPEX) upon the recommendation of the Bahamas Medical Council.

• The Bahamas Medical Council approved 20 accredited CME’s for renewal of licences effective beginning 2017. Specialists are required to have 10 of those credits in their specialty.

• The Non-native English speaking applicants for registration and licensure in The Bahamas are required to take the IELTS and achieve a band score of 6.0 to meet the English language proficiency.

• The Council published “Prescribing guidelines practices for Narcotics.”

• The Council adopted a new LOGO that has copyrights and responds to the requirements for electronic publication.

• As of January 1, 2016, all applicants with the exception of UWI graduates are required to go through the ECFMG, a member of Intealth, portal for verification of their credentials.

• Physicians whose specialist skills are in question are required to pass a competency based assessment in their respective disciplines, administered by an approved authority such as the CPEP or equivalent.

• Council requires graduates from medical specialties trained in South Africa to have a one year period of observership in an accredited institution for training before a specialist licence in granted. The discipline of Anesthesia is exempted from this requirement.

• When a physician is referred by the Council to complete a psychiatric evaluation, the physician must be examined by two Senior psychiatrists who are selected by both the physician and the Council.

• Bahamas Medical Council will ensure full compliance with standards of Seafarer’s Medical Exam required for crew on board Bahamian Flag Ships.


Bahamas Medical Council Policy for Retired Physicians

Payment for registration and licence will be waived for honorary medical practitioners 65 and over who are retired and who have made significant contributions to the practice of medicine in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

An honorary physician under the policy is a Bahamian, retired physician who has made significant contributions to the practice of medicine in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

Payment for registration will be waived.

CME requirements for registration and licensure will be waived.


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